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Wine Network - founded on experience and trust.

Michael Selak launched Wine Network in 2000 to provide a window for wineries to trade simply and confidentially at the industry level in bulk wine. The “negociant” has long been vital to the European wine trade, and Michael Selak brings a unique depth of knowledge of the New Zealand wine industry to this brokering and consultancy role.

Daily contact with wineries throughout the country, a strong code of ethics, and detailed knowledge of domestic and export trade regulations make Michael Selak the first point of reference for anyone looking to sell or buy bulk wine or private-label wine. Arrangements can be as transparent or as anonymous as parties wish. Wine Network authenticates all the details that are important to the wine marketer or winemaker.

Michael Selak’s orderly and thorough approach to every project makes him your ideal partner and a trusted broker.

Few names in the history of New Zealand wine have been around for as long, or as prominently, as Selak, the name behind Wine Network NZ Ltd.

Established in 1934, Selak’s Wines expanded over three generations to become an innovator and leader in the New Zealand wine industry. Selak’s was at the forefront of building New Zealand’s worldwide reputation for Sauvignon Blanc, particularly Champagne method wines.

Michael Selak, the director of Wine Network, brings his family’s full range of experience to the practical, professional business of negotiating wine industry sales and purchases.

He began in the wine industry at ground level, working in the vineyards and learning every operation, from grafting young vines to harvesting. He managed retail wine operations in New Zealand and Australia and developed his unique role in promoting and selling Selak’s wines. Trade shows, tastings, export promotions, mail orders and product development all thrived under Michael’s management. He ultimately became responsible for the global sales and marketing all the family company’s wines.

In 1998, Selak’s Wines entered a new phase. It was sold to a respected group of companies that have continued to promote and gain value from the Selak brand name. Michael took advantage of his time out to study the industry and its needs, leading to Wine Network's formation.

The Selak family still grows grapes in Marlborough on a well-established vineyard site. Our knowledge of vintage conditions, stocks held, and the realities and issues confronting winemakers in the new millennium is more than just past experience. It is detailed, practical and constantly updated.

Wine Network has now become a well-established service from one of the oldest and most respected family names in New Zealand wine.

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John Mackinder
Marketing and Business Development Associate

John’s focus is on strategy, marketing and business development. He works with clients in various capacities, developing and implementing new business strategies, managing projects, helping businesses access new markets and providing management and support services when there is a shortfall or temporary absence in your existing resource.

John is well known to Wine Network, having worked on various projects with us over the years through his own advisory and consultancy business, Blueprint Marketing.

Building on a solid background of corporate experience, including senior management roles with Montana Wines, DB Breweries, National Liquor Distributors and Nobilo Wines, John has helped numerous clients develop existing and new products, establish distribution in international markets and grow sales. He has extensive knowledge of all aspects of wine marketing and local and international wine distribution.

Finding the right people at the right time is one of the biggest challenges faced by most businesses today. Coping with rapid growth, short-term vacancies, fluctuations in supply and managing major unforeseen obstacles, such as a global pandemic, can be daunting for any business. Sometimes the best option is to accept some outside help to get you over a hurdle or to realise an opportunity that might otherwise be lost.

If you are looking for a skilled resource and a safe pair of hands to manage any project or new initiative in your business, we recommend calling John.