Wine Network welcomes you to ‘Grapes’, the only direct channel for advertising Grapes For Sale or Grapes Wanted to Buy from premium grape growing regions.

Whether you have surplus grapes to sell or are in the market for additional grapes to purchase; either this vintage or following vintages, then this is the easy way to promote to a target industry and to link buyers and sellers directly.


It’s simple. Just click on either Place For Sale Ad or Place Wanted Ad, follow the prompts to complete the form and it’s done. Your ad will then be listed on our website for as long as you choose and all responses will come directly to you. A representative of Wine Network will be in contact to confirm your advertisement once it has been approved.  Expect an email confirmation from us shortly.


Once we have reviewed and accepted your advertisement, you will be charged a one-off fee of $195.00 NZD (+ GST) by either credit card or invoice. Your advertisement will remain on the Grapes section until we are notified or contact you to remove it.  We will periodically send you a reminder of the listing. Wine Network does not take any commission from any sales. Your only cost is the listing fee. You negotiate directly with the buyer or seller. This listing is valid for a maximum period of six (6) months or unless the vintage changes /grapes harvested and or no longer available. 



Please note that by completing the Grapes Wanted Ad or Grapes For Sale Ad procedure, you are accepting our conditions of trade and agreeing to pay the $195.00 NZD (+ GST) ad placement fee per listing.


Once you have completed the listing and followed the prompts, a shopping cart window will appear whereby you can add another listing in the Buy & Sell section or move onto Grapes (buy and sell) in which you can place multiple advertisements on the same invoice/credit card charge.